Found art

To continue exploring the influence that the California condor has on humans, this post presents 2 dozen artworks that I found on the web.

All the artworks below are 2-dimensional but they represent a variety of media, including computer and stained glass. The works span the space from naturalistic to fanciful to humorous to interpretative.

In most cases, I show cropped images of the complete works. Unlike when I show art that I own, clicking on the images will not bring up a higher-resolution view.

Below each work is the name of the creator. If you like what you see, you may find the original work or a print from the artist available for sale on the web.

What did these artists see in the California condor? What are the artists trying to convey about the California condor?

01 Acorn Designs

Acorn Designs

02 Anastasiya Bachmanova

Anastasiya Bachmanova

03 April Carrillo

April Carrillo

04 April Schumacher

April Schumacher

05 Brendan Wenzel

Brendan Wenzel

06 Burton Gray

Burton Gray

07 Crowell


08 Dark Natasha

Dark Natasha

09 Denis Coble

Denis Coble

10 Distracted Naturalist

Distracted Naturalist

11 Ellen Cox

Ellen Cox

12 Emily Poole

Emily Poole

13 Enigma Grotto

Enigma Grotto

14 Gabriel Lio

Gabriel Lio

15 Goldeen Ogawa

Goldeen Ogawa

16 Henrieke


17 huemanateehouse


18 Jan Pitcher

Jan Pitcher

19 Janice Trane

Janice Trane

20 Liz Boudreau

Liz Boudreau

21 Michael Sieve

Michael Sieve

22 Molly Brow

Molly Brow

23 Paul Braybrook

Paul Braybrook

24 Rosie's Colored Glasses

Rosie’s Colored Glasses

Beyond seeing individual works of art focused on the California condor, seeing a collection of these works is powerful.

There is much more art to be found on this blog: click on the ART&CRAFT button under the POST TOPICS header somewhere on this page (it depends on your device). Information about artists inspired by the California condor may also be found at a companion website: California Condor Reference.