Found graphics

When I think of graphic art, or graphics, I think of art that is primarily about conveying information.

This post shows a dozen graphics concerning the California condor. All were found on the web. Gathered together, I believe these have additional value as evidence of humans’ sense of and concern for the condor.

I have cropped and reduced the resolution of the graphics below. Unlike when I show images that I own, clicking on these images will not bring up a higher-resolution view.

Below each work is the name of the creator. If you like what you see, you may find the graphic available for sale on the web in some form.

01 Alexander Vidal

Alexander Vidal

02 Dave Eggers

Dave Eggers

03 Estero Bay Graphics

Estero Bay Graphics

04 Michael Vasquez

Michael Vasquez

05 MJ and the Angry Birds

MJ and the Angry Birds

06a Painted Crow - 106b Painted Crow - 2

Painted Crow (2 images are shown)

07 Rare Animals Really Endangered

Rare Animals Really Endangered

08 Sadie Long

Sadie Long

09 Unknown artist

Unknown artist

10 Wildlife Art by Roger

Wildlife Art by Roger

11 Lindsey Kernodle

Lindsey Kernodle

There is much more artwork concerning the California  condor to be found on this blog. Click on the ART/CRAFT button under POST TOPICS (located somewhere on this page – it depends on your device).