Yet more artifacts

And here is yet another collection of artifacts that represent humans’ interest in the California condor. This post includes 4 types of artifacts with 2 representatives of each type.

First day covers (or, postal cachets) usually link a postage stamp and some artwork. I like this moose stamp but they are not endangered:

01 Cachet 1979 - Connecticut

Nonetheless, that California condor image is appealing.

This second first day cover is a curiosity. Here are both sides:

02a Cachet 1996 - Rock Hill NY - front02b Cachet 1996 - Rock Hill NY - reverse

The cartoon indicates that the creator is not a fan of endangered species protection. So why commemorate the California condor postage stamp with the cachet? And why acknowledge the IUCN?

LCW has produced another excellent decal concerning condors:

03 Decal - LCW 3

A second decal, by Trail Fox, summarizes the recent history of the California condor:

04 Decal - Trail Fox

Two “imprints” are next. The first was created with linoleum by Western Sprig Prints:

05 Linoleum print - WesternSprigPrints

The second was imprinted by me using a silicone rubber stamp created by Standard Stamps:

06 Rubber stamp - Standard Stamps

Finally, here are 2 excellent artworks in the form of note cards. This stylized image, on beautiful paper, is by Louise Hoff and is titled “Big Sur condors”:

07 Louise Hoff - Big Sur condors

A crisp 5-color illustration is by Abigail Hausman:

08a Note card - Abigail Hausman - front

On the back of the latter is explanatory text:

08b Note card - Abigail Hausman - text

As always, I encourage readers to support artifact creators by purchasing their works.

To see other condor decals by LCW, use this blog’s FIND CONTENT tool (somewhere on this page – depending on your device). Louise Hoff has created other art concerning the California condor that can be found with an internet search.

To see more artifacts of various sorts, start with the post Still more Artifacts.