More found art

This is another post with artwork depicting the California condor that I found on the web.

For decades, every condor in the wild has sported at least one wing tag. However, most artists choose not to include wing tags. What does that have to say about humans’ conception of the California condor today?

The names of the creators are below each image shown. Most of the images are cropped, very low-resolution versions of those that I found.

01a 2 New Things - 1
01b 2 New Things - 2

2 New Things (2 images are shown above)

02 American Museum of Natural History

American Museum of Natural History


Carel Brest van Kempen

04 Elizabeth See

Elizabeth See

05 Eyan Higgins Jones

Eyan Higgins Jones

06 Furaffinity


07 Jenn Falcon

Jenn Falcon

08 Joyce Mihran Turley

Joyce Mihran Turley

09 Judy Magladry

Judy Magladry

10 Katelyn Lipton

Katelyn Lipton

11 Kathryn Corlett

Kathryn Corlett

12 Lois Keller

Lois Keller

13 Lynn Zubal

Lynn Zubal

14 Mikayla Mettler

Mikayla Mettler

15 Nerd Bird Studios

Nerd Bird Studios

16 Pedro Fernandes

Pedro Fernandes

17 Pete Janes

Pete Janes

18 Ranz


19 Roger Hall

Roger Hall

20 siaorie


21 Skyelar


22 Sophie Webb

Sophie Webb

23 Tarryagoat


For my intention in organizing a collection of art such as this one, please see the post Found art. For my “approach” to art involving the California condor, see the explanation of this blog’s Details.

I encourage readers to seek out and purchase artwork shown on this blog. Please support artists!