Found craft

The California condor has inspired all manner of crafts. This post shows 17 examples that I found on the web.

Because I do not own the objects below, I only show very low-resolution images.

A traditional bird-related craft is carving hunting decoys from wood. Here is a wood carving of a California condor by Peter Aune (obviously not intended for hunting):

01 replica - peter aune

Another wood carving is by “Kurkewicz”:

02 replica - kurkewicz

This replica of the chick Xewe, by Charleen Kinser Designs, is made of leather and wool:

03 replica - charleen kinser designs

Another chick replica, by Baby Creatures (Italy), purports to be an anatomically-correct California condor. But what’s with the teeth?

04 replica - babycreatures

A large “mixed media art doll” is by Dancing Vulture Designs:

05 replica - dancing vulture designs

Utilitarian craft objects include this carved wooden spoon by Aficion Art:

06 spoon - aficion art

This magnet is from Brandies Mixed Media:

07 magnet - brandies mixed media

And this mug is by Jackpots:

08 mug - jackpots

Toys are a common form of craft work. Here is a wing-flapping “automaton” of a California condor by LoBo Canyon:

09 toy - lobocanyon

Contessa Magdalena created a rattle:

10 toy - contessa magdalena

A purely decorative object is this embroidered portrait by Jennifer McBrien:

11 embroidery - jennifer mcbrien

A “charity pin” was created by Conservation Photos:

12 jewelry - conservation photos

Another piece of jewelry is this California-condor inspired sterling silver pendant from Utah-based Paso Por Aqui:

13 jewelry - paso por aqui

I found 2 belt buckles from unknown creators:

14 belt buckle - unknown 1

15 belt buckle - unknown 2

The design of a scarf by Chameleon Canvas was inspired by the California condor’s wing:

16 scarf - chameleon canvas

Finally, here is a hat by Raymond Hudd. This is from his “Headline News” series and is topped with a California condor egg:

17 hat - raymond hudd

For more craft work inspired by the California condor, click on the ART&CRAFT button under the heading FIND TOPICS located somewhere on this page (depending on your device).