This blog is possible only because of the work of librarians from many institutions. The librarians at Waidner-Spahr Library (Carlisle, Pennsylvania) continue to be especially helpful.

I also offer appreciation to those who trade in old books, magazines, maps, and artifacts. These dealers help to make sure that these materials are not lost and forgotten.

The California condor and standing dead tree logo images were created specifically for this blog by Rosa Chung and Chris Law, whose Minimalist Animal Art is available at TheVegesaur.

I am grateful to the thousands of people who have worked and are working to insure that California condors are alive today and flying free. Many of these dedicated individuals are employed by government agencies, including:

Fish and Wildlife Service
Bureau of Land Management
Forest Service
National Park Service
California Department of Fish and Wildlife
Arizona Game and Fish Department

Still more individuals are employed by non-governmental organizations that are funded by charitable contributions. Please support these organizations, including:

Los Angeles Zoo
Oakland Zoo
Oregon Zoo
Peregrine Fund
San Diego Zoo
Santa Barbara Zoo
Ventana Wildlife Society

(If you any of the links above do not work or are out of date, please Contact me so I can correct them.)

10 January 2018