Below are some details about this blog.


Because I am not an expert in art, I do not try to draw sharp lines between the art of professionals and amateurs, classify various forms of art, or distinguish between art and craft. I hope that creators will not be troubled by how I organize or describe their work.

Similar considerations apply to poetry, literature, and music, which are also areas were I do not have expertise.

For this blog, I distinguish photography and art only for the purpose of characterizing images. When I call something a sketch, I am referring to a less-detailed drawing. When I cannot distinguish between an artwork as a painting, drawing, or something else, or when I want to refer to refer collectively to a mixed group of paintings, drawings, and similar works, then I typically employ the term illustration.

While it is usually easy to distinguish books and newspapers, that is not always the case with journals and magazines. I try to refer to periodicals intended for an expert, professional audience as journals and those for an amateur, general audience as magazines. But the line between journals and magazines is not always clear. I do not claim my distinctions are correct but I hope they are useful.


Posts are tagged by topic based on the primary theme of the post, typically 1-3 tags per post. A list of all the topics can be found on all blog pages and posts.

To find posts concerning a specific topic, use the search tool (also shown on all blog pages and posts).

While most of the topic tags are self-explanatory, some are less so. Below are explanations of the latter kind:

Biography includes people and birds

Business refers to commercial activity and firms

Management concerns human interventions in condor life intended to ensure the survival of the species

NGOs are non-governmental organizations, such as the National Audubon Society (except zoos, which have their own tag)

Relatives refers to the condor’s relatives, such as the turkey vulture

Threats concerns environmental factors that are harmful to condors, such as lead ammunition


Occasionally, I update past posts with new information. To find these, click on the Updated tag.


Because other websites routinely change the addresses of their pages, I no longer include external links in this blog. The information that I refer to can typically found with a quick search.

If you have questions or comments about this blog, please Contact me.

15 July 2018