826 alerts

About 5 years ago I setup a “Google alert” to let me know of news concerning the California condor. If there is any news over a 24 hour period, it is gathered up and sent to me by email at 7:30 a.m.

I have saved these alert emails so it is easy for me to search their contents. Here’s a report of what I learned from some searching.

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Reviews of Carl Koford’s 1953 report

In 1953, the National Audubon Society published its Research Report No. 4. Titled The California Condor and written by Carl B. Koford, this book was the 1st detailed scientific study of Gymnogyps californianus.

This post is not about the contents of Koford’s report. Rather, I provide selections from published reviews of the report. These reviews make plain the significance of Koford’s research and provide a sense of how experts responded to Koford’s findings.

In between the reviews I show some photographs and diagrams from the report (note the shadows!).

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Items: 1869-1930

Looking through my bibliography of the California condor, I noticed a number of items from periodicals that included the word “item” in the title. These are collections of miscellaneous information, with just a couple sentences or at most a paragraph devoted to each topic. No authors are credited.

Below are 5 examples, in chronological order. For each, I quote the content concerning the California condor in its entirety.

(Warning: Readers may want to wait an hour after eating before continuing.)

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Namesakes: plants

A number of plant varieties have been given the name condor. I know this not because I have been searching the horticultural literature but because I have run across the plants being offered for sale while looking for information about the California condor.

Below are examples. In only 2 cases was it apparent which condor species was being referred to and that was the Andean, not the California.

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