This blog draws upon many kinds of sources. Published sources are cited except:

General information that is drawn from widely-available sources such as encyclopedias (including Wikipedia) is usually not cited.

There are a few posts where the number of sources is substantial. In these cases the sources are not listed but I will share them on request.

The purpose of this blog is entirely educational. This blog is non-commercial. Accordingly, and consistent with “fair use” standards, this blog includes content from works copyrighted by others subject to these limits:

Only excerpts of text are presented and these quotations are identified with quotation marks or italics.

Images are presented only if I have purchased the image or, in the case of objects, purchased the object and then scanned or photographed it. For example, if I show an art print, photograph from a book, or a toy it is because I own that print, book, or toy. The exceptions are images provided to me by the copyright holder for use on this blog and, occasionally, images from commercial websites (e.g.,

All images shown are low resolution. Those wishing to fully appreciate the illustrations, photographs, and objects that I draw attention to in this blog are urged to seek out the actual material.

I do not show copyrighted images from publications that I have borrowed from libraries.

My claim of copyright for this blog pertains only to my own creative work.

27 March 2018