This blog draws upon many kinds of sources. All sources are cited and quotations are indicated with quotations marks or italics (if you discover an error, please notify me). In most cases, the bibliographic details for a post’s sources can be found at the end of that post and in the order in which they were noted in the post.

The purpose of this blog is entirely educational. This blog is non-commercial. Accordingly, and consistent with “fair use” standards, this blog includes works copyrighted by others subject to these limits:

Only excerpts of text from copyrighted works are presented. The exception is when the copyright holder has extended permission to reproduce for educational, non-commercial purposes.

I own original versions of all copyrighted images included in this blog (for example, I own the magazine issues containing copyrighted photographs shown here). The only exceptions are fragments of publicly-accessible websites. I do not show copyrighted images from items that I have accessed from libraries.

The sources of non-copyrighted images that are not from my library are identified.

All the images shown are low resolution and low quality scans or photographs of the originals. Those wishing to fully appreciate the images or objects that I draw attention to in this blog are urged to access an original version.

My claim of copyright for this blog pertains only to my creative work and the 2 logo images.

Many of the sources referred to in this blog, especially the older ones, are readily available on the web. For sources not available via the web, please contact a library.

Below are links to examples of sources from my library. As I have purchased many of these items from libraries, some show the original library’s marks.

Journals and magazines

17 March 2016