General encyclopedias: 1929-1968

This blog includes many posts about articles in newspapers and general-interest magazines. This is because these publications were likely to be found in the hands of a large, diverse readership. Before the internet – and even more so before television – newspapers and magazines were how people learned about our world, including the California condor.

Another widely-available source of information in the pre-internet years was encyclopedias. Encyclopedias covering “all” topics were once fairly common in households, whether in the form of single, large volumes or multi-volume sets. This post is about the presentation of the California condor in these reference works.

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Museum guides: 1915-1967

I wish to make a plea in behalf of the educational value of natural history museums.

So wrote Barton Warren Evermann, the Director of the California Academy of Sciences, in the January 1918 issue of Scientific Monthly. Evermann’s article, “Modern Natural History Museums and Their Relation to Public Education”, was 30+ pages of text and photos in support of his plea.

Evermann did not mention the California condor in his article. However, I have acquired original guide books published by 4 museums that do refer to the condor.

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