In 1992, after nearly 5 years during which there were no California condors living outside of captivity, condors returned to the wilds of southern California. Since 1992, condors have also returned to their former habitats in central California, the Grand Canyon area, and Baja California.


So it should not be surprising that the word return is frequently found in the titles of articles about the California condor. For example, the image above shows the title of Linda Litchfield’s article in the Spring 1993 issue of ZooLife magazine.

In this post, I note articles and books about the California condor’s return.

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Start with the numbers

I find newspaper headlines appealing. The abbreviations and other “shorthand” in headlines reflect the relationship, the mutual understanding between headline writer and reader. Headlines also bend the rules of good writing. Headlines can include “2” instead of “two” and even begin with digits.

While perusing the Los Angeles Times, I noticed that a number of headlines for articles about the California condor begin with some quantity of birds, a quantity not specified with a word. Many of these articles concern condors being shuttled between the wild and zoos.

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