Orphan book illustrations

Updated 9 February 2018

There continues to be a steady trade in attractive images removed from books.  These prints go from book binding to picture frame, from bookshelf to wall.

It has been many years since I visited a shop selling these images. But they are widely available on the web.

Unfortunately, the details of the books from which the prints come are seldom available and they are difficult to track down. Here I present 5 such “orphan” images of the California condor that I have seen offered for sale. If you recognize any of them and can tell me about the book from which they have come, make contact. I will post that information for all to see.

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Are nearly-extinct species “ruins”?

Updated 12 December 2019

Beginning in the 1950s and continuing into the 1980s there was much controversy over what humans should or should not do about the California condor. Similar arguments about other endangered species persist and this, in part, explains why the now decades-old condor controversy continues to draw attention.

In this post I consider whether Charles Dickens can help us to better understand the “condor debate” and the current variants of this debate that involve other species.

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