Start with the numbers

I find newspaper headlines appealing. The abbreviations and other “shorthand” in headlines reflect the relationship, the mutual understanding between headline writer and reader. Headlines also bend the rules of good writing. Headlines can include “2” instead of “two” and even begin with digits.

While perusing the Los Angeles Times, I noticed that a number of headlines for articles about the California condor begin with some quantity of birds, a quantity not specified with a word. Many of these articles concern condors being shuttled between the wild and zoos.

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When we think about the people who are contributing to the recovery of the California condor, it’s the scientists, veterinarians, and keepers – working in the field, laboratory, and at zoos – who usually come to mind. But many others are making essential contributions. In this post I consider journalists who reported on the California condor.

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Making fun

Is there anything funny about an exceptionally large, endangered bird?

Here, for your consideration, are an assortment of items concerning the California condor that were intended to be humorous. Two of the items are not explicitly about the California condor, but are close enough.

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