Items: 1869-1930

Looking through my bibliography of the California condor, I noticed a number of items from periodicals that included the word “item” in the title. These are collections of miscellaneous information, with just a couple sentences or at most a paragraph devoted to each topic. No authors are credited.

Below are 5 examples, in chronological order. For each, I quote the content concerning the California condor in its entirety.

(Warning: Readers may want to wait an hour after eating before continuing.)

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More on art from Cooper Ornithological Club publications

In a previous post (Cover art from Cooper Ornithological Society/Club publications), I described how the illustrations of the California condor on the covers of publications of the Cooper Ornithological Society/Club reflected the state of ornithological science over the course of the 20th century. Here I present some additional art from the late 1800s and early 1900s.

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