Boys’ Life: 1942-1999

During the years 1942-1999, Boys’ Life, the magazine of the Boy Scouts of America, published at least 20 items referring to the California condor. By doing so, this magazine reached an important audience with information about the condor.

This post offers an overview of what boy scouts learned about the California condor from their magazine during the 20th century.

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Illustrations & photos from Defenders: 1980-1986

Defenders of Wildlife News and its successor magazine, Defenders, reported regularly on the California condor in the decades prior to 1987, when all the condors were taken into captivity. During the 1980s, Defenders included some notable illustrations and photos.

I especially want to show 2 illustrations from this time period. But while I am at it, here also are a fine map and 2 noteworthy photos.

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Unexpected magazine articles

Articles about the California condor have been published in hundreds of magazines. Magazines about nature, science, and travel have all included condor articles. The same goes for magazines intended for birders, children, and outdoor types. And news and general-interest magazines have carried their share of articles about the condor.

But sometimes magazine articles about the condor appear where I had not expected them. In this post I offer examples not previously considered in this blog.

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