Classic poses 1

Having looked at 1000s of images of California condors, I have started to recognize “poses” of the great bird that seem more common than others.

I am just beginning to explore whether this is true, why some poses might be favored, and what it might mean that particular poses are preferred.

In this post, I share some of my initial look into these questions by showing examples of one notable pose.

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Photos from a well-named journal: 1900-1986

Since 1900 and continuing today, the scientific journal Condor, named after the California condor, has been publishing significant information about birds. In this post I show some excellent photos of California condors from this publication, including the photo captions.

By chance, the 8 photos here are evenly split between the first and last quarters of the 20th century. Together, these photos capture aspects of the lives of California condors and humans’ sense of these birds.

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