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A good first book about California condors is:

Snyder, Noel F R, and Helen A Snyder. 2005. Introduction to the California condor. University of California Press.

More books are noted in the post Essential books.

The California Condor Reference provides reference resources concerning the California condor: CalConRef.

The governmental and non-governmental organizations that are directly involved with California condor recovery  have useful information on their websites. These organizations are listed in my acknowledgments.

Many more organizations support the condor’s recovery and provide information about these birds on their websites. These include:

American Bird Conservancy
California Chaparral Institute
Center for Biological Diversity
Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Friends of California Condors Wild and Free
Los Padres Forest Association

Los Padres ForestWatch
National Audubon Society (and its local chapters)
Wildlands Conservancy

(Please support the important work of these organizations.)

Brian S Pedersen
2 January 2020